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What's Inside the $97 Million Palo Alto Home

It's no secret that real estate in the Bay Area is expensive, the median home price is now over $820,000. Sun Microsystems co-founder Scott McNealy could single-handedly bump up that figure, as he just listed his Palo Alto estate at a staggering $97 million!

This is a single family home, I promise.

What exactly makes his home worth $66.8 million more than the city's previous record home sale? Well, this 20-room estate boasts some pretty unique amenities.

5 Bedrooms

The sprawling estate boasts not only 5 bedrooms, but also an additional bedroom in a separate guest house. The house also contains the most ridiculous closets known to man. But we've all seen big houses before, a high bedroom count is not enough to warrant the price tag on this mansion. Don't worry, there's more.

Movie Theater

Perhaps you've seen a home with a theater in it before, they're not too uncommon. However, this three row setup also boasts a little nook behind the back row where you can lay down and get cozy.


Sometimes you just want to relax in the privacy of your own home, right? Well reclining on the sofa is for peasants. Instead, the new homeowners will be able to relax in their very own spa complete with steam room, sauna, and massage table.

Ice Rink

Located on the 581,526 square foot property is probably the most interesting feature of the whole home, a multi-purpose indoor ice rink and tennis court. This stand alone structure is complete with its own locker room of course, because who could be bothered having to run back across the estate to shower, right?

Indoor Basketball/Sports Court

This isn't the same entry twice. There is a second multi-purple sports arena located IN the house. There's also large viewing area above the court in case you need to prove to your guests that you do, in fact, have mad hops.

Poker Room/Wine Cellar/Rec Room

In case you get bored of the spa and two sports arenas, the home also has everything you need for a boy's night in. The rec room has a pool table, three TV's, arcade games, and just about everything else you could expect to find in a sports bar.

Pool/Fitness Center

The buyer of this house will clearly never need to leave their house again. Luckily, there are ample ways to stay in shape, with a full fitness center with amenities rivaling your local gym, as well as a nice, big pool to swim laps in.

Not Pictured: Pizza Room

Unfortunately, the best part of the house does not have a photo on the property listing, nor is it part of the 3D Matterport tour. In the description of the house, there is allegedly a "pizza room." What is a pizza room? The world may never know, but we do know that we want one.

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