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How to Get 10,000+ Views on Your Real Estate Listing

There is no predicting what an audience will find entertaining, as evidenced by the hours of seemingly pointless content that goes viral daily.

You've probably tried various tactics when it comes to real estate marketing - social media posts, digital ads, etc. - but sometimes it just isn't enough.

Zillow analyzed listings with more than 10,000 views, and this is what those agents are doing right:

A Listing is Only As Strong As Its Photos

Getting high quality photos to show off a high quality property might seem obvious to some, but the reality is that many real estate agents are not putting in the effort to get decent photos! Potential buyers do not want to see blurry, watermarked, or unidentifiable photos. You want them to say "I want to see more!" not "What IS that?" Highlight your listing's best features! For example, if the property has a beautiful yard, consider getting aerial drone footage of the land. Check out our photography services.

Write Captivating Descriptions

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, it is your actual words that will further draw in buyers. Your description should paint a picture in the reader's mind; help them imagine how great it will be to live in that home! While it is easy to fall into using cliches such as "charming" and "must see," try to use specific language to describe the home such as "energy efficient features" and "landscaped yard" to put a clear image into the buyer's mind as to what their new life will look like.

Be Upfront

Let's face it, not every home is perfect. Be honest and forthcoming about a home's imperfections. Buyers will appreciate knowing these details upfront and being able to dive deeper into the property if they are interested or save time if they are not. If the home needs renovations, say so! Some buyers are looking for houses that they can DIY, so it is important to make sure to target them. 

The overall key to getting more views is simple: be professional and creative! Represent your listing a top-tier property that buyers want to know more about and become a part of.

Looking for further suggestions? Aerial Canvas can help! Contact us for personalized help on how to improve your real estate marketing strategy.

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